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Learn about San Miguel Chamil

Learn about San Miguel Chamil, Guatemala

Love God. Love People. Serve Joyfully.

Love, though wildly romanticized and often nebulous, is the single greatest sentiment sought after by human kind throughout the centuries.  The desire to love and be loved is the foundation of the majority of our songs, literature and film.  John Lennon even went so far as to say that “all you need is love.”
Though the meaning of love is often cluttered with misguided culture and centered around self, the intrinsic desire for unconditional love is intentionally and graciously birthed in each person by God, who is in Himself true love.
God is the author of marriage, the creator of family, the designer behind all human relationships.  He gets love.  Creation was breathed in love and humankind was offered eternal salvation through the single defining act of love.
When Jesus’ closest followers asked Him which of the many good commandments was the most important, He replied that the greatest law is to love God passionately and wholeheartedly.  And the second most important is similar, to love people with that same love. 

Valley Christian Assembly is a group of people that are asking all of the same questions about love that the world is asking, but while looking to the only source of answers, Jesus Christ.  As we learn together how to truly love and accept the unconditional, unmerited love of Christ, we will discover not how others should love us, but rather, how to shower those we know and meet with the same, crazy love that was first shown to us. 

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